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This talk has been split into three parts.  Part one is the introduction to why use the pre-1955 Holy Week with some details regarding the reform of it. The second and third part are the explanation of Holy Week, its parts and ceremonies.  

Pre-55 'Mass Companion'

Holy Week Mass Propers

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The Hebdomada Sancta (Holy Week) booklets are in full English/Latin and include: Brief Historical Notes and Commentary by                                             , as well as ceremonial rubrics. 


These booklets were created by a group of Franciscan Nuns in Italy in 2010 for their private use and devotional edification, and have been recently translated for the edification of the faithful in the English speaking world.    


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Second Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday.  36 pages.

Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (NEW)




Mass of the Last Supper & Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified. 40 pages.


Holy Week Mass Propers

All-in-One Booklet for Print
From Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday Vigil of Easter  50 pages.


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The Office of Tenebrae by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Littleton, CO 
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The Holy Week Book found below was part of a series called "Liturgy for Lay Folk," published at the turn of the twentieth century, with an introduction by the renowned English priest and liturgical author, Adrian Fortescue.  That introduction, entitled "The Rite of Holy Week," is posted here as a separate PDF to make it more accessible for the faithful, who will be greatly enriched by deepening their knowledge of these historical and symbolic rites, which can only lead to a more contemplative and fruitful participation at these sacred liturgies.   


"The Rite of Holy Week" 15 pages.  If viewing on-screen, the image must be rotated as follows: "View/Rotate View/Clockwise."  

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The Liturgical Year

by Dom Prosper Gueranger

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Excerpt for the Sacred Triduum from the Saint Andrew Missal;

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Holy Week excerpt from the 1953 Spanish Language edition of the Saint Andrew Missal.